Foam Cylinders

by: Wapsi | Item#: SM-750062-0000
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Wapsi Foam Cylinders
quantity Color Size your price
black 1/8" $2.95
chartreuse 1/8" $2.95
white 1/8" $2.95
yellow 1/8" $2.95
black 1/4" $1.95
brown 1/4" $1.95
chartreuse 1/4" $1.95
white 1/4" $1.95
yellow 1/4" $1.95
black 3/8" $1.95
chartreuse 3/8" $1.95
white 3/8" $1.95
yellow 3/8" $1.95
black 1/2" $1.95
chartreuse 1/2" $1.95
white 1/2" $1.95
yellow 1/2" $1.95
black 5/8" $1.95
chartreuse 5/8" $1.95
white 5/8" $1.95
yellow 5/8" $1.95
black 3/4" $1.95
chartreuse 3/4" $1.95
white 3/4" $1.95
yellow 3/4" $1.95
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These sand-able foam cylinders are the perfect density for shaping popper and other bodies. You can color them with our Chartpak or Copic color markers. The cylinders have a subtle spiral ribbing-like ridge that can be left as-is or sanded off. Cylinders in the 1/8 in. size are at least 1 in. long, others are 1.6 in. in length. Size 1/8 in. comes 10 per pack, 1/4 in. and 3/8 in. sizes come 6 per pack and larger sizes come 4 per pack.

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wiggle minnow body

Reviewer: from Chapin, SC US

You can use the 3/8" for Todd's Wiggle Minnow in bass/trout sizes or upsize to the 1/2" or 5/8" for stripers, pike, etc. Can be easily colored with markers to create some awesome topwater patterns.

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popper bodies

Reviewer: from Clarks Summit, PA US

this product can be used for very simple poppers, like lefty's bug or the clouser e-z popper, or can be sanded to form a traditional TCS-type popper, and in a great color selection!

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Great for poppers

Reviewer: from Houston, TX

Great for bodies for poppers and pattern's like Bob's banger. Easy to color too.

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Amazing Foam Cylinders

Reviewer: from Fort Worth, TX USA

These foam cylinders float very well and the colors are very brilliant and bright. It is easy to sand to the shape you want to make it into what ever you want. It is a great buy!

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Great for Bangers

Reviewer: from Harrisonburg, VA

These are what you need when making Bob's Bangers. The foam is robust and seems like it will stand up to a lot of abuse. When making a Banger, just cut one cylinder in half. Hint: a really nice serrated knife, the type with rounded or non-aggressive serrations, works really well when cutting this stuff!

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