Flip Cap 6 Compartment Box

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Each compartment has its own separate lid, so there's no chance of mixing the contents by accident. Plus, you can't spill other compartments' contents while you're taking something out of a compartment. Measures 4 inch x 2 1/2 inch x 1 inch

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Awesome Container

Reviewer: from Pinehurst, ID US

perfect for holding beads of any size, and the rounded corners make it easy to access even the smallest of beads.

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Reviewer: from BELLE, MO USA

These are great for keeping your tying bench organized. I use them for bead heads one for each size bead then each compartment for different colors. The same for bead chain. I also use one to put my goose biots in when I precut them. Great quality I have open and closed them several times and no signs of breaking or lids getting loose.

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Great Storage

Reviewer: from Missoula, MT US

These little guys are great and have the right price tag. Whether you use them for hooks, beads, eyes or anything else that's small and needs compartmentalization, I would definitely recommend them. The individual compartments have their own cap/latch, so there's no risk of dumping everything out if the worst happened. Each compartment could probably hold around 400 size 14 hooks. They are easily labeled and keep everything nice and tidy. I inadvertently dropped one of these, filled with tungsten beads, from about 3 feet...not a single hatch opened! (Cheap plastic for the win!) I just wish they had larger ones (12/24 compartment) because I would have them in a heartbeat.

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Hook holder w/individual lids

Reviewer: from Cary, NC US

These boxes are great for your smaller tying hooks. I purchased two of these boxes out of curiosity, and I am glad I did. These boxes keep your fly tying hooks together in an easy to open and close container. The curved bottoms make it easy to slide out the hook(s) that you need. They are low profile and compact so they store just about anywhere. The individual compartments lids eliminate having to sort out your hooks should you have fat fingers like me and accidentally drop the boxes when a lid is open.

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Great box

Reviewer: from Missoula, MT

great for storing hooks and beads. The compartments are small and I use them to store size 14 and smaller hooks and the beads and fit them. Eliminates the problem of hooks and beads being mixed because the compartments open individually. And best of all they're cheap!

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