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High quality dubbing wax from one of fly fishing's most respected names, in a large Deluxe push-up tube with an orange color that's easy to find on a tying bench. Choose from Super Sticky or Regular.


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No need

Reviewer: from Jersey City, NJ US

Tried both regular and super sticky versions. Yes, they are easy to use but I hardly see any value added. They are no better than the spit which is free and at hand always. And, I found that I tend to use spit anyway, even after applying the wax, because most of the time wet fingers are must.

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Easy to use

Reviewer: from Bridgeville, PA US

This dubbing wax is easy to use and comes in handy for those more difficult to dub synthetics. You can't beat it for the price.The convenient tube makes it simple to keep clean on the messiest tying bench.

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Great wax

Reviewer: from Franklin, WI US

I use the super sticky wax for Gary Lafontaine's touch dubbing technique. It works perfect. Great Value for a great product.

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Super sticky wax excellent for touch dubbing

Reviewer: from Urbana, IL US

The super sticky wax is excellent for touch dubbing. Even a small amount on the thread will hold material well. It's possible to use it when you want to form a dubbing noodle, but then you must use only a very slight amount; a regular wax is better for that.

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Good product for the price

Reviewer: from Maine, NY

I don't like using dubbing wax in general but some synthetic materials need an extra bit of attention and adhesion to the thread, I find in those situations the regular dubbing wax is a good and helpful choice.

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