Deluxe Beadzers

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Terra Tools' bead tweezers are made of stainless steel with specially cupped tips and reverse action (squeeze to open).


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Better than nothing

Reviewer: from Idaho Falls, ID

I've got tremors which make fly tying quite the challenge. I've dropped many a bead in the carpet where they seem to be taken by sprites or other small creatures and are never heard from again.

This has been extremely helpful but getting the bead in the tweezers where the hole is accessible as well as having the bead in the divots can be challenging as well. If I don't get the bead in the divots I'll sometimes pop the bead out with the point of the hook and it will typically fly across the room.

Overall, this has been a great addition to my bench but I might look to spend a bit more on some of the other beading tools in the future.

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