Antron Dubbing

by: Wapsi | Item#: SM-012010-0000
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Wapsi Antron Dubbing
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dispenser $12.65
black $1.75
march brown $1.75
cahill cream $1.75
chocolate $1.75
dark olive $1.75
fl. orange $1.75
fl. yellow $1.75
ginger variant $1.75
golden stone $1.75
forest green $1.75
hare's ear $1.75
hexagenia $1.75
light gray $1.75
light olive $1.75
medium olive $1.75
olive damsel $1.75
shrimp pink $1.75
golden tan $1.75
bright yellow $1.75
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An old favorite that refuses to go out of style. Easy to apply, with a fish-attracting sheen. Equally effective for emergers, nymphs and dries.

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Colors in dispenser: golden stone, lt olive, med olive, dk olive, hare's ear, black, cahill cream, sand, hexagenia, ginger variant, chocolate, lt gray

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Great Dubbing

Reviewer: from Peralta, NM US

This dubbing is great for alot of applications. It can be dubbed tightly for small midges, nymphs and dries but is also good in a dubbing loop for really buggy looking nymphs. The sparkle of the antron is good but not overwhelming

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Great nymph and wet fly dubbing

Reviewer: from Alpha, NJ US

The fibers are long and thin, very easy to dub. Remember a little goes a long way. Most people dub to much on thread, thus why they say not to use on a small fly. I personally have no trouble with this product dubbing on small hooks I.E. 20s and smaller 28s!!!. Makes great dubbing for midges. This fiber is antron and antron fibers stick together in the water. So if you dub a loose body and then brush it out(or pic it out) you get a very nice shiny "bubble" Great flash qualities and blends easy with other dubbing to add a little flash. Its an old standard for a reason!!!!!

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Great dubbing for nymphs and dry flies

Reviewer: from Port Allegany, PA USA

I ordered this dubbing in olive, Cahill cream and brown. The dubbing is a great color and is very easy to apply.

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Golden stone works great

Reviewer: from Greenville, SC US

I have only used the golden stone, but i was satisfied with the color very well along with added sparkle to get the attention of the fish. The long crinkled fibers dub easy. I would recommend this dubbing for bigger flies, i.e. #12+. I would imagine great dubbing for salmon and steelhead flies.

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Antron Dubbing

Reviewer: from Bethany, MO US

An excellent dubbing to add a little sparkle to your fly. I usually hand mix a couple of colors together to add some depth and life. I also chop the dubbing up to make it easier to work with. I like using 3/8 inch to 3/4 inch long fibers.

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