UV2 Fusion Blood Drop Egg Beads

by: Spirit River | Item#: SM-750180-0000
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Spirit River UV2 Fusion Blood Drop Egg Beads
quantity Size Color your price
8mm clown egg $3.25
8mm fireball orange $3.25
8mm hot pink $3.25
8mm peach pearl $3.25
8mm pearl pink $3.25
8mm peach sherbert $3.25
8mm orange pearl $3.25
8mm salmon egg $3.25
8mm snowball orange $3.25
8mm stimulator pink $3.25
8mm silver salmon $3.25
10mm combo pack $8.15
10mm clown egg $3.25
10mm fireball orange $3.25
10mm hot pink $3.25
10mm peach pearl $3.25
10mm pearl pink $3.25
10mm peach sherbert $3.25
10mm orange pearl $3.25
10mm salmon egg $3.25
10mm snowball orange $3.25
10mm stimulator pink $3.25
10mm silver salmon $3.25
12mm combo pack $8.15
12mm clown egg $3.25
12mm fireball orange $3.25
12mm hot pink $3.25
12mm peach pearl $3.25
12mm pearl pink $3.25
12mm peach sherbert $3.25
12mm orange pearl $3.25
12mm salmon egg $3.25
12mm snowball orange $3.25
12mm stimulator pink $3.25
12mm silver salmon $3.25
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Spirit River's patented UV2 egg beads will attract fish from far away! Try lighting them up under a UV light and quickly see what we mean. Each bead is hand made with a fusion of color and a large red dot. Use individually, mixed with yarn or melted to a hook shank or pegged. See Other Details for package quantities.

Other Details

Package quantities: 8mm - 20 per package; 10mm - 15 per package 12mm - 12 per package; . In the form above, specify the number of packages in the order.


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