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Shiny material which can replace floss. Tough and stretchy, easy to use. Bright colors, good for butts on steelhead flies. 30 yd. spools, 270 denier, breaking strength of 53 oz.

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Thread body/floss alternative

Reviewer: from MA, US

This is a nice alternative to thread bodies. It also is a reasonable alternative to floss that is significantly easier to work with, however I find it lacks the shine and translucency of floss. This is also a great way to build up a slim body on dry flies instead of dubbing, I really like the look of the body this makes on a stimulator or elk-hair caddis.

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Less Wraps Required

Reviewer: from Apo, AP US

If your a tyer that has to build up a plain thread body and hates the time and all the wraps it takes to do so, Well my friend your prayers have been answered. Take less wraps on the shank and still get a tight compressed body. great for tying simple midge bodies. would not recommend using it on the whole fly half hitch after your body is done. the material is like a lycra spandex material. would recommend to anyone with a heartbeat

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great for woven nymphs

Reviewer: from Clarks Summit, PA US

If you're looking to tie woven nymphs but don't want to stockpile embroidery thread, this stuff is an excellent substitute...

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Unlimited uses

Reviewer: from Potter County, PA

I have used this stuff for nymph abdomens, soft hackle bodies, streamer bodies, emerger bodies and tailing shucks. It would be great if they would come out with day-glow colors for steelhead patterns.

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good stuff

Reviewer: from New Cumberland, PA US

I had heard aot of recommendations for this when I started trying to tie "traditional" wet flies and streamers. It works very well, mounted in a bobbin and used for floss bodies. Much easier to use than single or multiple strand regular floss, if not historically accurate.

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