Hackle Tweezer

by: Tyflyz Toolz | Item#: OF-900525-0000
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Tyflyz Toolz Hackle Tweezer
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Innovative D-shaped hackle tweezer/plier that really does hold better than other designs. It is super light as well and therefore does not break delicate feathers and the unique shape allows you to insert an index finger in the loop and wrap the feather under constant pressure. Especially good for those of us with big hands!

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Less is more

Reviewer: from NC

Who knew something so simple could be so effective?
Hats off to whoever came up with these hackle pliers. They are the only pliers I use for CDC and wrapping biots. They are very small at the business end which allows you to get the most out of material. The smooth finish won't snag your thread or prematurely cut it. The sticky insert in the tube grips the material nicely.
After using hackle pliers from electrical clips to rotating hackle pliers, English, tear drop and more these are my 'go-to' hackle grips.

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Best tool for the job

Reviewer: from Pittsburgh, PA

I'm stunned by how this tool has improved my flies. It's easier to use with one hand than traditional hackle pliers. It holds tighter and is more precise. They are easily worth twice the asking price. I use them for everything from soft hackles to dries to wrapping wire on nymphs and biot bodies on dry flies. They are small and light enough for delicate starling feathers and grip well enough for wire wrapped nymph bodies.

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Great little tool

Reviewer: from Colorado Springs, CO

This set of hackle pliers has been my go-to tool for both small hackles and holding other materials. I was tying a bunch of small jujubee midges and was using this tool to hold the Flouro-Fiber used to make up the wing case and wing buds. It was a great help in keeping those really fine fibers in a bunch so I could tie multiple flies.

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The Best Hackle Plier...Period

Reviewer: from New England

Always skeptical of 'new' and 'improved' versions of tried and true tying tools, I used this hackle plier at a recent TU meeting. WOW, it really is better. It holds tight, is easy to manipulate and has improved my fly tying productivity. You should try it too!

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Nice little tweezer

Reviewer: from FORT COLLINS, CO USA

This grips pretty well. Once you learn how to manipulate it, wraps like any other tweezer, just a little different. I guess it comes down to what works for you. I got this on sale and since it's made in CO, I always try to suppor local businesses and decided to give it a try.

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