20/20 Magnetic Tippet Threader

by: Tight Line Enterprises | Item#: AC-032010-0000
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At last, no more squinting to thread the tippet through the hook eye and wasting valuable time on the water! The 20/20 Magnetic Tippet Threader is designed to help you thread tippet through a wide range of fly sizes. Molded from durable lightweight UV rated vinyl, the Threader uses a strong rare earth magnet to hold the fly. It works equally well on flies with or without bead heads. Includes D-ring clip to attach to lanyard or zinger cord.

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A must have!!

Reviewer: from Media, PA US

June 4th & 5th I was fishing the Yellow Breeches in PA. The weather was overcast; and around 7pm when the hatch started I could not see to thread my 7x tippet through a #18 hook. Resulting in 0 fish during the hatch. After I got off the stream I went to the local fly shop looking for theaders; the owner showed me this product. I tied a #20 hook with 7x tippet in the shop first try. The 20/20 is very easy to use and hook eye lines up everytime on it's own using a strong magnet. I used the 20/20 the next night on the stream with the same success I had in the shop. Result; numerous fish during the hatch. The 5 other guys on the trip with me went out and bought one the next day before we left Town.
I will never go to the stream without one of these threaders. The best $10 I have ever spent. <i>J. Stockard comments: ... and we're glad he got it, even though it wasn't from us!</i>

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Get the glue out first

Reviewer: from Fredericksburg, VA US

This is a great product...just make sure you get the glue out of the hook eye before you use this product...it will drive you crazy! I gave it a 4 because they haven't incorporated a pin to clean the hook eye out!

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Reviewer: from Somerset West, Western Cape ZA

Being an engineer, I can appreciate ingenuity, especially when it serves a purpose to make things simple. This product, although I had my doubts, works as advertised. It will give us older guys more "line in the water time"!

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Reviewer: from New York

It requires practice to use this.

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Didn't work for small hooks

Reviewer: from Quincy CA

I couldn't get it to work for small hooks (#18 and smaller)

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