TMC 2457 Shrimp & Caddis Pupae Hook

by: Tiemco | Item#: HK-062457-0000
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Tiemco TMC 2457 Shrimp & Caddis Pupae Hook
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Down eye, 2X short shank, 2X heavy wire, 2X wide gape, bronze; Uses: caddis pupae, shrimp.

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TMC 2457

Reviewer: from NAPIER, NZL

Re the viewer from Battle Mountain
The difference between the 2457 and 2487 is only the wire size. The 2487 is great on small fish but when you get into larger fish and their aggressive fighting methods they tend to bend or straighten the hook and in most cases a lost fish happens. Living in New Zealand I prefer to use the heavier gauge for nymphing as it limits the disappointment of losing a good fish due to using the lighter wire. An easy way to test the strength of a hook is to place in your vise and pluck it like a guitar string to see if it springs back to its original position. You will be surprised! Some have no tension and I place in the trash.
Good fishing

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cool hook

Reviewer: from battle Mountain, arizona

i like this hook just as much as the tmc 2487 and they are both awesome but i dont really see much of a difference in the two..

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Great hooks for newbie

Reviewer: from Fort Collins, CO US

As an amatuer fly tyer, these work great and the quality is awesome. Plus easy to pick out for recipes. Love TMC hooks.

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