Glo-Bugs Micro Yarn

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The Bug Shop Glo-Bugs Micro Yarn
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apricot supreme $2.25
baby pink $2.25
chartreuse $2.25
cream delight $2.25
deep dark red $2.25
egg $2.25
light roe $2.25
oregon cheese $2.25
salmon egg $2.25
shrimp pink $2.25
steelhead orange $2.25
white $2.25
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Now UV! The same as standard Glo-Bug Yarn except it has about a 2mm diameter. Great for adding spots of color to any Glo-Bug egg or for making tiny trout eggs. 8 yd. per package.


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Can't say I'm a real fan yet.

Reviewer: from Albia, IA US

Started off with three strands, then five, then seven. Getting close to what I want it to look like. Somewhat "fussy" to work with on hooks this small. Seems a lot of work for such a simple fly. Will have to try an even smaller version of the fly with a thinner denier of the GSP thread (thread is awesome, by the way).

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cant beat it

Reviewer: from Alpha, NJ US

This is a great product for making small eggs for trout. sizes 14 down to a 20, Its easy and makes really nice eggs. You can tie lots of eggs with one package. The price is fair, and hey its the original egg yarn!!! Blue is a great color for the rainbows. any color for brooks, and a natural color usually works best on browns, and let me tell you, i catch my best browns of the season on eggs!!!

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Great material for micro eggs and yarn tags

Reviewer: from Southern Connecticut

Naturally, you can use this yarn to make micro eggs or add a contrasting hotspot to an egg, but I use this material mainly as a tag for my nymphs. The worldwide standard red or pink tag flies work well when the tags are made with this small egg yarn.

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Sucker Spawn and Tiny eggs

Reviewer: from Bridgewater, NJ US

This size is great for tying sucker spawns and small eggs. TMC 2487 size 22-18

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not for me

Reviewer: from Virginia

Not sure what it is about this yarn it seems so simple but even using over 6 strands for a single egg still did not accomplish the fullness of a traditional egg pattern.

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