Flydrophobic SD Fly Box

by: Tacky Fishing | Item#: AC-909020-0000
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Tacky Fishing Flydrophobic SD Fly Box
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After years of development, Tacky Fly Fishing has created a waterproof fly box that not only keeps water and moisture out, but also helps to get rid of moisture if any were to get in. We’ve all had times when we put our flies away before they’re completely dry and if that moisture is trapped inside that’s a recipe for rusted hooks and damaged flies. The Flydrophobic SD not only keeps moisture outside of the box, but it’s also breathable, allowing any moisture inside to escape. Tacky's patent pending waterproof breathable system is the first of its kind. A molded silicone insert with a trout color pattern holds 66 to 100 flies tight inside an extremely durable polycarbonate box.
  • Waterproof  breathable  system  allows  wet  flies  to  dry  (Patent  Pending)
  • Molded  slit  silicone  mat    (Patent  Pending)
  • Holds  up  to  100  flies,  depending  on  size
  • Latchless  waterproof  closure  (Patent  Pending)

Other Details

Dimensions: 7" x 4" x 1". Weight: 8 oz.


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