Day Pack Fly Box

by: Tacky Fishing | Item#: AC-909011-0000
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Tacky Fishing Day Pack Fly Box
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The Tacky Day Pack Fly Box is a tough and sleek polycarbonate box with a clear top, a magnet closure system and a patent-pending silicone rubber insert. The silicone insert is more durable than foam and will stand up to load after load of new flies. The cleverly arranged rows of slots have cutouts with a unique teardrop shape that makes insertion easier. (See Other Details for box specs.)

Other Details

The day pack measures 5" x 3" x 3/4" so it fits in a vest pocket and has a bi-directional slit design that holds up to 180 flies. Weight (without flies) is 3.1 oz.


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Silicone slotted boxes should be the new standard.

Reviewer: from Fort Worth, TX

The slotted silicone just works better. It holds better than standard foam but is easier to push your fly into the slot. Nice part too it deforms less. So often foam seems to loose it's shape over time. The silicone just bounces back. The silicone will also hold up better to a hot car than other material. I also dig the magnet closure system on these. They do a good job of holding things closed and you don't have to remember to latch it. They have a great slim design and I can usually get most hoppers and elk hair caddis in their without smashing things up.

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