Saltwater Ghost Hair

by: Sybai | Item#: SM-760290-0000
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aquamarine $3.25
blue mint $3.25
blue $3.25
bright green $3.25
chartreuse $3.25
crimson red $3.25
fl. orange $3.25
fl. pink $3.25
fl. salmon $3.25
fl yellow $3.25
golden olive $3.25
gray $3.25
honey $3.25
light pink $3.25
medium purple $3.25
medium violet $3.25
mint green $3.25
olive $3.25
orange $3.25
purple $3.25
salmon pink $3.25
tan $3.25
white transparent $3.25
yellow orange $3.25
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A bulkier form of Sybai's standard fiber Ghost Hair in colors you'll want, predominantly for saltwater fly patterns. Fine translucent synthetic hair with 6" to 8" strands that is packaged in hanks. It doesn't absorb water, so large flies are easy to cast. Soft, highly mobile in the water with a pulsating action. Excellent material for wings, tails and bodies.

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