Flat Color Wire Wide Ultrafine Size

by: Sybai | Item#: TW-131020-0000
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anthracit (black) $3.25
bright brown $3.25
bright olive $3.25
bright pink $3.25
copper $3.25
gunmetal $3.25
light blue $3.25
light chartreuse $3.25
light green $3.25
light purple $3.25
light violet silver $3.25
light wine red $3.25
pale orange $3.25
red $3.25
silver $3.25
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Flat Color Wire provides more reflecting surface than round wire, to great effect, and also a little more strength. When used as ribbing on the body it cuts less into your dubbing,which enhances the ribbing effect even more. This way, Flat Wire combines the advantages of tinsel and the strength of wire! This wider version of Ultrafine Flat Wire is best for the smallest fly patterns such as micronymphs and midges. 24 meters (26 yards) per spool.

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