Surface Seducer Double Barrel Popper Bodies

by: Flymen Fishing | Item#: SM-730320-0000
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Flymen Fishing Surface Seducer Double Barrel Popper Bodies
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black x-small $4.95
blue x-small $4.95
green chartreuse x-small $4.95
orange x-small $4.95
white x-small $4.95
yellow chartreuse x-small $4.95
black small $4.95
blue small $4.95
green chartreuse small $4.95
orange small $4.95
white small $4.95
yellow chartreuse small $4.95
black medium $4.95
blue medium $4.95
green chartreuse medium $4.95
orange medium $4.95
white medium $4.95
yellow chartreuse medium $4.95
black large $5.75
green chartreuse large $5.75
white large $5.75
yellow chartreuse large $5.75
black x-large $6.45
green chartreuse x-large $6.45
white x-large $6.45
yellow chartreuse x-large $6.45
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From the makers of Fish Skull and Nymph Head products, this soft EVA foam body makes popper tying simple, especially with matching hooks and eyes (sold separately). Tons of features, with sizes to target anything from small bass to big game! The deeper cup and an extended upper lip on the front make a bigger 'pop' and splash ahead of the fly. These bodies also have recessed eye sockets sized to take Dragon Eyes for a menacing look or super-realistic Living Eyes. The back of the body has a recess hole for tailing or an articulated shank loop. The bodies' skin is treated to make it stronger and smoother than plain foam; a clear coat is strictly optional. Mounted backwards on the hook, the body is great for diver, slider or Sneaky Pete patterns. 8 pieces per pack, except for large (6) and x-large (4).

Other Details

Compatible hook and eye sizes: X-small: sz. 8 hook and 3 mm eyes. Small: sz. 6 hook, 3 mm eyes. Medium: sz. 2 hook, 4 mm eyes. Large: sz. 2/0 to 4/0 wide gap streamer hook, 6 mm eyes. X-large: sz. 5/0 to 6/0 wide gap streamer hook, 8.5 mm eyes.

Extra-small- Length 13mm x Width 10mm x Height 8mm

Small - Length 16mm x Width 13mm x Height 10mm

Medium - Length 21mm x Width 17mm x Height 13mm

Large - Length 27mm x Width 20mm x Height 18mm

Extra large - Length 33mm x Width 27mm x Height 26mm


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First time popper tyer

Reviewer: from PA

Not having fished for warm water species before this year, I found these new products to be just what i needed to venture to the popper game.
Very easy to use, a hot bodkin to pierce a hole and some superglue to hold them in place, these are great for beginners and seasoned pros alike. Pair with the Flymen Dragon eyes and Popper hooks, you'll not go wrong for your popper fly needs -WIth the different colors of heads and eyes, many combinations are possible - let your creative juices flow!

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Loud and Proud

Reviewer: from Columbus, Ohio

These make a splash in a big way! If you want to call the bass to the surface, tie some of these up!! Literally on my first cast I landed a 3lb smallmouth with one of these. They truly throw a lot of water, float very well, cast well and are extremely durable.

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Double Barrel Popper Bodies

Reviewer: from Mississippi

I have been using these for about a year. They are very easy to tie with and very easy to paint. They have great action on the water. Can’t be beat for the price. High quality at a great price. These are my go to popper bodies.

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Great popper heads!

Reviewer: from Buffalo, NY

These are in my opinion the best popper heads available. Very easy to work with. Make lots of surface noise . Pair great with the dragon eyes .

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My go-to popper body

Reviewer: from NJ

Easy to work with, make great surface noise and action. Easy to paint/marker up and coat for extra durability and to seal in the look. Very happy

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