Steve Farrar SF Blend

by: Just Add H2O | Item#: SM-760250-0000
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Just Add H2O Steve Farrar SF Blend
quantity Color your price
anchovy $7.25
bleeding black $7.25
black $7.25
bleeding gray $7.25
bleeding orange $7.25
bleeding purple $7.25
bleeding red $7.25
bleeding yellow $7.25
bucktail white $7.25
camo $7.25
chartreuse $7.25
gray $7.25
herring back $7.25
hot orange $7.25
light pink $7.25
mackerel - new color! $7.25
misty blue $7.25
midnight blitz $7.25
mullet brown $7.25
natural $7.25
off white $7.25
olive $7.25
pink $7.25
rainbow $7.25
sea blue $7.25
shaded chartreuse $7.25
shrimp $7.25
UV olive $7.25
UV off white $7.25
UV rainbow $7.25
UV shaded chartreuse $7.25
UV white $7.25
violet night $7.25
white $7.25
wild olive $7.25
yellow $7.25
bleeding perch $7.25
silver belly white $7.25
silver scale black $7.25
silver scale white $7.25
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This fiber is a perfect blend of the Slinky Fibre and Slinky Blend ranges, with an added fine Angel Hair flash. Developed by Steve Farrar and made by the same company that produces Polar Fibre and Gliss 'N' Glow, this product is unique in being already tapered and ready to tie a complete fly. This VERY popular product makes great minnow and baitfish patterns!

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Great Baitfish Patterns

Reviewer: from Houston, Texas

I have used SF synthetics to tie numerous baitfish patterns, deceivers, and clouser minnows for fly fishing for African Tigerfish. The materials tie easily, can be trimmed to shape without loosing the ability to retain their form in the water, and are durable beyond belief.

After catching a tiger, the flies come out of the water incredibly beat up, but just as incredibly, they can be brushed back to shape and fished again.

I highly recommend the SF synthetics, which I prefer to the EP brand, and JS Stokard has the widest variety of colors that I have found.

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Got Baitfish?

Reviewer: from Rotonda West, FL US

This is my favorite material for saltwater baitfish imitations. Tough the EP products may be more popular, I like that the SF blend can be tied full bodied, yet still remain translucent.

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Awesome stuff!

Reviewer: from Maine

I started using this after watching a Gunnar Brammer video and I'm hooked. It is very easy to work with and looks awesome in the water!

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Awesome Material

Reviewer: from NY

This material is great for for baitfish patterns. I recently purchased a couple colors to tie sand eel patterns. I am going to purchase more colors to do different patterns. Easy to work with & looks great in the water.

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SF blend

Reviewer: from Peralta, NM US

These are my favorite synthetics to use. They have great movement in the water and hold their shape. Best synthetic replacement for buck tail and there are tons of colors. The bleeding colors seem to just have strands of red in them but the shades of the color are different. I bought both the regular grey and bleeding grey and the bleeding grey is much darker and the regular is almost silver.

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