Rotodubbing Twister

by: Stonfo | Item#: OF-911060-0000
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Stonfo Rotodubbing Twister
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This high quality revolving dubbing tool has a ball bearing inside. After your material is on the dubbing loop, hold the handle, spin the brass rotor and wind onto the hook!

Average Customer Rating: 5 out of 5 stars(2 Reviews) Write a Review

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Split Wire Review 5 out of 5 stars

Reviewer: from Southeastern PA, USA

Full disclosure: I got this from a friend, gifted, and did not purchase it for myself.
The Rotodubbing twister is pretty solid. The wires don't bend then hold shape (you're not going to bend the wires and have them canted at weird angles, unless you really mess with it or step on it or something). The wires are attached well and aren't "jiggly" / "wiggly" in the attached location; they are solidly attached and won't move all over the place when you spin a dubbing loop or what not. Spring tension is a bit loose for my tastes, honestly, with very little resistance, but from asking around those tying buddies who have tried it, they actually prefer the tension (I guess you'd call it tension) it has. Different strokes for different folks. The spin is smooth, and only spins when you want it to; it doesn't keep spinning when you spin it, you have to keep spinning it, if that makes sense. But when you do spin, it is smooth as silk and not clunky. A real piece of craftsmanship. Really like that the ends of the wires have catches that are "hooked" just the ever-little bit more than most dubbing whirls, so you won't pop off the thread if you are fast with your dubbing spinning, like me in a production setting. Quality product, sturdy piece. Can't rave about it more. Only two cons are the price (though, for what you get, it is worth it), and the lack of springiness to the wires - there's more give to them than my personal tastes. But again, that's just me. And I had to struggle to find faults with this thing, it's really a fine piece of workmanship. Would recommend to a friend in a heartbeat, this thing's really nice.

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Great dubbing spinner 5 out of 5 stars

Reviewer: from FRANKLIN, NC USA

This is one of the best dubbing spinners . I have tried others. This will make you some great dubbed bodies. Just be careful you can over spin, that ball bearing is fast and smooth Just a litter is better then a faster spin till you get the hang of it

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