Kaiman Vise

by: Stonfo | Item#: OF-911300-0000
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Stonfo Kaiman Vise
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High precision vise with spring action jaws. To insert a hook, simply squeeze the lever to open the jaws and position the hook in the jaw. When you release the lever the hook will be held firmly in the vise. The hardened steel jaw is designed to hold hooks ranging from tiny size 28 to mighty 5/0 saltwater hooks with no adjustments. Other features: lever with anatomic handle, 360 degree rotation with dual precision ball bearings, double diameter hand wheel, adjustable rotary tension, locking position to 0 degrees, adjustable tying angle, adjustable height. The lever can be set up for both left and right handed use. Supplied with pedestal base, spring material clip, allen keys and instruction manual.

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Average Customer Rating: 5 out of 5 stars(3 Reviews) Write a Review

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Best vise I own out of 13 of 'em 5 out of 5 stars

Reviewer: from Pottstown PA, USA

Pros: true rotary, easy-clamp Cam lever operation for jaws, rock solid grip on hooks, hook sizes can range from (I've only done as small as 26 but I've heard you can do 28 or even smaller for the minnow-fisherman), all the way up to 6/0 salmons (that's as big as I've dared to use on this beauty); those two sizes and literally every even numbered size in between, plus size 13 and 15, have all held rock-solid in these jaws. Now as for the vise-to-table connection, the base weighs a ton and a half. It isn't likely to shift on you unless you really want it to. They have these four corner suction-cup-like things that don't exactly suction to the table that great (at least, not for me), but they have great friction and prevent the vise from going anywhere - heck, even when you DO want it to move!
Cons: the big rotating dial in the rear of the vise is perfect in function and design, but looks to be made of a cheap plastic or maybe delrin, I don't know my materials that well but it looks cheaply put together - just that one piece of the whole. I haven't had any problems with it in function or in durability, but it just LOOKS like it will fall apart if you look at it the wrong way. It also doesn't come with a bobbin rest, something a lot of tyers prefer. Also, the vise stem is a tad wider than the normal diameter out there on the market for most of the attachments that can be bought to fit various vises.
Overall Summary:
This is the best vise I own, out of 13, mostly because of the gripping power, the room for my off-hand behind the hook, and the sturdiness of the vise in the base under tension / that is, the lack of wobble when a hook with thread wrapped on it has the thread pulled while hook is in the vise. The jaws aren't L.A.W. jaws (what is, then - the "HMH TRV" vise is the only thing really close), but these hold as tight as the L.A.W. I own, with an even easier cam lever and a little under a third to a quarter the price tag of the L.A.W... or at least that's how much I told my wife I paid for the L.A.W... Regardless, I can't help but rave about these Kaimen vises. Highly recommended! I have no affiliation with Stonfo, or JStockard, and am just a happy ol' fly tyer. All that's in it for me is seeing my review posted and hopefully helping someone out there find out how awesome this vise is.

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Traveling vise 5 out of 5 stars

Reviewer: from Moorcroft Wyoming USA

I’ve been tying flies for about 25 years. This vise is perfect for my needs! I tie bugs from size 22 to size 2. The jaws on the Stonfo Kaiman are awesome. They hold the hooks securely and the travel version stays put when I put pull tight on the thread. I wish I had another one to teach my grandson!

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SOLID, Fantastic vise 5 out of 5 stars

Reviewer: from Albany NY

My first reaction when I first got this vise was that it was built like a rock. It is very well made and holds up to all of it's claims in terms of holding everything from large hooks to midge hooks. Fantastic vise, I plan on using it for many many years.

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