Elite Disc Drag Bobbin

by: Stonfo | Item#: OF-911210-0000
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Stonfo Elite Disc Drag Bobbin
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A top quality weighted stainless steel bobbin with quick adjusting disc-drag that allows a perfect level of thread tension. The tube has very strong hardened steel on the ends, coated to prevent fraying. Suitable for every size spool. The original model is for general use and nearly all thread types. The saltwater streamer model (blue) has a wider tube and can be used for heavy thread, narrow chenille or yarn. The compact model is best when there is limited room around the fly axis and for close work.


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Great Bobbin

Reviewer: from Steger,Illinois USA

I have been using this bobbin for a while now....purchased elsewhere before J.Stockard handled them....and it is by far my favorite bobbin.Easy adjustment , and they seem well made. I have both the standard and the compact model, but find the compact model particularly comfortable to use, Highly recommended.

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This Bobbin Looked So Promissing, But...

Reviewer: from Fredericksburg, VA

I purchased two of the original Elite Disc Drag Bobbins from J. Stockard last September. It looked like an upgrade from the Rite Bobbin, which I have purchased several and used in the past. When I received them, I spooled and used several different threads from 70 to 140 denier from various manufacturers. The upside of this bobbin is it is comfortable in the hand. The adjustment is continuous. Although there is no ceramic insert to protect thread from fraying, it has some sort of coating that provides such protection. The threads slides out of the tube smoothly. The diameter of the thread tube is small and ideal for a wide range of thread sizes and flies. The overall quality of materials is excellent. The downside of this bobbin can be exasperating. The adjustment may be fine, but both of mine won't remain in the adjustment. Several times I had left my bobbin hanging from the bobbin cradle only to find the bobbin on the floor in a pile of unspooled thread. Too often the thread slides off the spool and catches into the adjustment mechanism. Then, I have to take the mechanism apart to untangle the thread. So, it's back to the Rite Bobbin for me or the Umpqua wishbone bobbin.

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Very nice bobbin

Reviewer: from Minnesota

First off this bobbin is excellent to use when tying. The disc drag is amazing in terms of tension control. It feels great in the hand and is a real pleasure to use. My only complaint is when changing spools of thread there are a lot of little parts you need to keep track of when removing the disc drag. I'm always concerned I'll drop one when trying to get the spool switched out.

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Reviewer: from Florida

Will def be buying more

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Great Find! May Buy Another!

Reviewer: from Riverside CA

I just tried this bobbin. I am finding it is great to work with. very easy to adjust and really solidly made. I have the standard but am thinking about adding the compact too!

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