Comb and Brush Tool

by: Stonfo | Item#: OF-911270-0000
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The Comb and Brush Tool, made of high strength plastic, features a small narrow-toothed comb on one end and a Velcro-hook brush on the other. Ideal for untangling or arranging hair or fur, and for finishing your flies to make them more fluffy and life-like.


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Must have for the tying bench

Reviewer: from Houston, TX

I decided to try this after seeing others use it and I have to say I really like it. It's incredibly effective for teasing out fibers. I find myself using the velcro end the most but the brush works well for combing out larger flies. This has found a permanent place on my desk.

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Comb and Brush Tool

Reviewer: from Minnesota

This is a handy tool and reduces the clutter on the fly tying bench by combining two tools in one.
The comb has excellent teeth spacing for removing any under fur in deer hair. This is critical for getting high quality spun deer hair bodies. I also used the comb to straighten and align various synthetic material I use for parachute posts. The comb was plenty sturdy to pull through and straighten or remove snags and twists.
The brush tool works well for brushing out dubbing after wrapping a body for nymphs. I use it for scud patterns and to create a halo of fur for Hare’s Ear flies. It worked well for both applications.
The tool is handy, easy to use, and stores well. The only improvements would be to make the comb a bit longer for larger clumps of deer hair and the handle could be a bit thicker for comfort in the hand. Neither of these are major issues – it would make a good tool a little better. I am glad I added this tool to my kit.

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Go To Tool

Reviewer: from California

I have other hair tools but this is the one I reach for now. It just seems to work better than other tools I have tried.

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Good product

Reviewer: from Maine, NY

This is a handy tool for brushing out dubbing on fly bodies. The comb comes in handy too.

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Reviewer: from Des Plaines, IL

Handy for those that don't want to go the emory bard and velcro dot way. Nice shape, good quality plastic like all Stonfo products.

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