UV2 Fine & Dry Dubbing

by: Spirit River | Item#: SM-012220-0000
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Spirit River UV2 Fine & Dry Dubbing
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dispenser w/ 12 colors $18.25
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As with all UV2 dubbing, these have a mix of primary colors that have been enhanced with UV Florescence and UV Reflectance dyes. Spirit River then blends these in with other fibers to achieve the overall base color while still giving it all the multi color properties of UV2. Each dubbing will kick out a host of color spectrums. Check them out in direct sunlight!

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The colors included in the dispenser are: black, rust, march brown, tan, BWO, callibaetis, hexagenia, PED, PMD, adams gray, sulphur yellow, and hendrickson pink.

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Dubs really easily


I don't know if the UV dye makes for more caught fish or not but regardless I am buying more of this dubbing; it dubs very small bodies easily, is easy to adjust the taper on the dubbing noodle, can be picked out if needed for buggier bodies, and you get a generous amount. I caught over 2 dozen fish on one fly so I can attest to it's durability as well (and the UV dye certainly didn't hurt my catch rate even if I don't know if it helped)

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Not just a fad, it works!

Reviewer: from Pottstown, PA, USA

I thought this UV stuff was a fad, thought it would run its course and be over and we'd move on when people realized it didn't make a difference... but it DOES make a difference, and it isn't a fad. Flat out, this UV stuff works. I tried fishing a dry tied with UV dubbing, with a nymph tied with near identical colors just not uv, behind, and they went for the dry. Switched and had the dry "normal" and nymph UV, and they went for the nymph. Did this on different locations, different times, even by myself and my son so different fly fishermen. As for colors, the amber and BWO mixed 50:50 works wonderfully as a generic [BWO/Sulphur/dark cahill/even PMD sometimes] imitation color. The color isn't so important, but the UV is. This stuff goes on really fine, you could touch dub with it but I admit I haven't tried it. I can get noodles so thin that I see the thread color shining through the dubbing, on account of the dubbing able to be spun thin (not on account of some crazy flashy thread or something). Newer user of this stuff, was turned onto it at a fly show in Somerset NJ in November, and had to buy a dubbing box since. Very pleased! Love this stuff!!

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Good quality and quantity

Reviewer: from Gloucester, MA

As the other reviewer mentioned, I found this to be easily applied on and generally a breeze to work with. Also, I was pleased with the amount received for the price!

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Interesting dubbing.

Reviewer: from Colorado

This dubbing has strands of UV fibers throughout. I've found that some colors have more than others. Dubs down pretty nicely, and is fairly easy to work with. Not sure if the UV really does anything to catch more fish, but it certainly looks cool when you hit it with a UV light.

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UV2 Fine & Dry Dubbing

Reviewer: from liverpoo l NY

I got the 12 color dispenser. It is a god value and is easy to work with.

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