Squirmy Wormies

by: Spirit River | Item#: SM-720100-0000
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Spirit River Squirmy Wormies
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bloodworm red $2.45
blue $2.75
fl orange $2.75
green inchworm $2.75
hot pink $2.75
purple $2.45
San Juan red $2.75
worm tan $2.75
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Squirmy-Wormies (TM) and the flies they make have been called the most effective new patterns in the last 20 years. Astounding glow in the dark and regular colors in strong-stretch rubber bodi-legs. Each package has 10 pieces. The rubber is a strong yet soft wiggly material and man, does it catch fish!

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Diameter of the strands is just over 1/16". The combo pack contains assorted colors.

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Great material for San Juan Worm type flies

Reviewer: from VALPARAISO, IN USA

Great material for San Juan type worms size 10 and smaller. I never liked chenille or vermille for worms. This material stretches to 10X and is more durable, unlike rubber worms. Use larger size thread like flat 3/0 and don't apply too much pressure. Don't try to thread it on a hook as it will twist and be less durable. Most glues or cements may attack it. Use water base or Fly Tite cement (denatured alcohol based) on thread wraps or just whip finish with no cement. Some very helpful videos on U-tube and the net. This appears to be exactly the same material as the strands in the Mondo Spaghetti ball stretchy toy.

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Awesome Wormies

Reviewer: from Roseburg, OR

These are a marvelous fish catching material. A guide, who also fishes on the one of the USA Fly Fishing teams took myself and my 10 yr. old son out. The first thing he did was tie on a Squirmy Wormy for my son. I laughed and thought he was crazy. Well, crazy like a fox. My son caught more fish than me and I know how to fish. On the way home, all my son could talk about was tying more of them up. Spirit River is always doing the coolest things.

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Easy way to tie Squirmy Wormies

Reviewer: from New Zealand

Try this you tube clip. You will find them so much easier to tie and more enjoyable. It is a good product but expect to use and lose a few if you are catching good fish. On retrieve try a lift and place and expect to be hit hard. Tight Lines


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The Ultimate San Juan

Reviewer: from Austin, TX

The good: Last year, these were the ultra-secret guide fly on the Guadalupe River. Somehow, that secret leaked, and within a week, all the trout were wise to these worms. For that week, though, San Juans made with these were the ultimate fly. They're also remarkably tough- you can stretch them waaaaay out and they won't snap. Really, these will catch tons more fish than a chenille San Juan.

The bad: These are extremely difficult to tie neatly. They're so soft and mushy that they will not cooperate with your tying thread. They will melt instantly when exposed to any kind of adhesive. And you need to store them somewhere cool; they get really, really sticky (and stay that way) if they get too hot.

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Great movement

Reviewer: from FORT COLLINS, CO USA

I like the movement. Different to tie on, no zap a gap on this stuff. Just have to be careful storing as it will eat through some plastics and it borders on the use of bait and chuck tackle, LOL. Will use as a last resort for my SJ's.

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