Articulated Shanks in Multi Lengths

by: Spawn Fly Fish | Item#: HK-082330-0000
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Spawn Fly Fish Articulated Shanks in Multi Lengths
quantity Size Pack Sz your price
9mm 20 $4.85
10mm 20 $4.85
11mm 20 $4.85
12mm 20 $4.85
13mm 20 $4.85
14mm 20 $4.85
15mm 20 $4.85
16mm 20 $4.85
17mm 20 $4.85
18mm 20 $4.85
19mm 20 $4.85
20mm 20 $4.85
35mm 20 $4.85
55mm 20 $4.85
11, 15, 20, 35mm 5 of each size $4.85
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A complete range of articulated shank lengths to fit your precise needs. This range gives you complete freedom to design a custom shank configuration - no need to change your fly design to fit 5mm or 10mm increments. 20 shanks per package, either all in one size or the Variety Pack - 5 shanks in each of 4 sizes: 11mm, 15mm, 20mm and 35mm.

Average Customer Rating: 5 out of 5 stars(1 Review) Write a Review

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Try the 9 thru 12 mm for your Gamechanger flies!! 5 out of 5 stars

Reviewer: from Indiana

I like these much more than the Fish Skull shanks. The wire size is the same, the lengths are true, and quality is high. The eyes are smaller, which will give you almost 1mm more of tying room, which is critical on the 10 mm or smaller shanks for gamechanger flies. If you are having trouble getting all the material on a 9 or 10 mm shank you can go up to an 11 or 12mm shank and not make your fly that much larger. (With Fish Skull the next increment is 15 mm.)
Also consider the 9mm in place of the 8 mm micro spines for small gamechangers. Much easier to tie on.

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