Signature Coasters For 2022 3-Pack

by: J. Stockard | Item#: AC-010114-0000
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J. Stockard Signature Coasters For 2022 3-Pack
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Our J. Stockard Signature Coasters for 2022 are printed in dark green on heavy card stock. Sold as a 3-pack, the 4 x 4 inch design will protect your tying desk from coffee, soda or beer stains! For our 2022 J. Stockard Signature designs we turned to Peter James Glenn to create unique graphics that celebrate the art of fly tying! Peter is a full-time high school art teacher who takes on creative commissions for brands like What The Fin Apparel, Postfly, Narragansett Beer, the historic Chatham Bars Inn, New England Distilling and more. We are excited to be in such good company. Our Signature Coasters feature an eye-catching graphic that combines classic fly tying tools and materials in an innovative design that recalls the past but seems right at home in the present!

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