SemperSeal Subs Dubbing

by: Semperfli  | Item#: SM-012470-0000
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Semperfli  SemperSeal Subs Dubbing
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adams $3.25
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brown $3.25
burnt orange $3.25
claret $3.25
cream $3.25
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fl pink $3.25
fl purple $3.25
fl red $3.25
fl yellow $3.25
full collection 41 colors $65.95
golden olive $3.25
hot orange $3.25
light brown $3.25
light olive $3.25
medium claret $3.25
natural collection 12 colors $25.75
pale gray $3.25
pale blue dun $3.25
peacock green $3.25
primrose (lt. cahill) $3.25
purple $3.25
red $3.25
root beer $3.25
seal $3.25
sooty olive $3.25
white $3.25
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Seal Fur is fantastic for fly tying however the legal protection of seals make this product hard to find. Semperfli's R&D and Pro teams have developed the most realistic seal fur substitute possible. SemperSeal Subs is the resulting product, with the perfect feel for your dubbing. Semperfli deliberately manufactures SemperSeal in long fibres. It's not only perfect as a Seal Fur substitute, cut to a fiber length of 0.5 to 0.75 inch (12 to 18mm), but also can be used as full length 3 in. (75mm) fibres making it ideal for Saltwater, Steelhead, Predator and Salmon fly patterns.

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