Perdigon Body

by: Semperfli | Item#: SM-730715-0000
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Perdigons, first developed by the Spanish fly fishing team and popularized by the French, are in use worldwide. The Perdigon nymph is simple; the small slim profile and weight causes them to sink rapidly, even in fast water. Key to Perdigons is a nymph-like body color and an ultra smooth body that can be achieved with fine thread like Nano Silk. The Semperfli R&D team created a 1/69/0.37mm body material and decided on a range of deadly colours and triggers for our Perdigon Body material. Following fishing trials, they decided on a range of iridescent and translucent colors that suited our Perdigon patterns and added in Fluoro and Luminous Perdigon Body tinsels that could be used for complete bodies or as highlight ribs to act as an additional trigger. 30 meters per spool.

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