Lead Free Heavy Weighted Wire

by: Semperfli | Item#: TW-151056-0000
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Semperfli Lead Free Heavy Weighted Wire
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0.23mm (0.01 in.) $4.45
0.5mm (0.02 in.) $4.45
0.7mm (0.029 in.) $4.45
0.9mm (0.037 in.) $4.45
1.2mm (0.049 in.) $4.45
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Semperfli's lead free wire answers the need for weight where lead is either proscribed or unsuitable for environmental reasons. It's also packaged on well designed spools with clear labelling. Lengths of each size wire per spool: 0.23mm - 10m (10.9 yds); 0.3mm - 8m (8.7 yds); 0.5mm - 5.5m (6 yds); 0.7mm - 4.5m (4.9yds); 0.9mm - 3.5m (3.8 yds); 1.2mm - 2.7m (2.9 yds).

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