Dry Fly Polyyarn

by: Semperfli | Item#: SM-700457-0000
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Semperfli Dry Fly Polyyarn
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black $5.25
blue damsel $5.25
caddis amber $5.25
caddis brown $5.25
caddis grey brown $5.25
cream $5.25
dark brown $5.25
firey brown $5.25
golden olive $5.25
iron blue $5.25
mottled adams $5.25
mottled brown & cream $5.25
mottled black & golden olive $5.25
mottled beige & orange $5.25
mottled dark brown $5.25
mottled dark grey $5.25
mottled grey beige $5.25
pale brown $5.25
pale grey $5.25
polar bear $5.25
purple $5.25
red $5.25
silver $5.25
sunburst orange $5.25
white $5.25
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Formerly available only as a carded spun yearn, Polyyarn is here on spools as well in a thinner format that can be wound directly on the hook. Its density (0.91 g/cc) is lower than that of water, meaning it's perfect for dry fly bodies. 3.6 meters (4 yards) per spool.

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