Dry Fly Polyyarn

by: Semperfli | Item#: SM-700457-0000
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Semperfli Dry Fly Polyyarn
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black $5.25
blue damsel $5.25
caddis amber $5.25
caddis brown $5.25
caddis grey brown $5.25
cream $5.25
dark brown $5.25
firey brown $5.25
golden olive $5.25
iron blue $5.25
mottled adams $5.25
mottled brown & cream $5.25
mottled black & golden olive $5.25
mottled beige & orange $5.25
mottled dark brown $5.25
mottled dark grey $5.25
mottled grey beige $5.25
pale brown $5.25
pale grey $5.25
polar bear $5.25
purple $5.25
red $5.25
silver $5.25
sunburst orange $5.25
white $5.25
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Formerly available only as a carded spun yearn, Polyyarn is here on spools as well in a thinner format that can be wound directly on the hook. Its density (0.91 g/cc) is lower than that of water, meaning it's perfect for dry fly bodies. 3.6 meters (4 yards) per spool.

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Poly Yarn on a spool!

Reviewer: from Springville, UT.

This floating poly yarn is spun on a spool instead of a card making it much easier to use. Spools are standard sized and the product will thread through most bobbins. Comes in a ton of colors and floats like a cork too. It can be flattened out or even reduced for tapered bodies on small flies or picked out for extra bugginess on emergers and nymphs. 2 or more colors can be furled together for a nice mottled look or furled and then doubled over to make extended bodies on dry flies and nymphs. Good for both wet and dry fly applications on all your favorite fly patterns, give it a go! Fantastic material!

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Reviewer: from North GA

This is great looking material.At first I did think the "barbs" may be too long and would look unnatural, but that's not the case.They wind and fold into place and you can pick them out to get the amount of bugginess you want.

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Perfect for larger size dry flies

Reviewer: from Plainville, CT

I've been using the fiery brown today almost exclusively for putting together a few dozen size 10 Iso extended body flies. Great quality material and I love that the colors are speckled with "character". It's just so incredibly easy to use and the way it holds hook, tubing, etc is just great. Be mindful with the level of pressure while wrapping as it can separate!

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