Dirty Bug Yarn

by: Semperfli | Item#: SM-700445-0000
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black $4.45
caddis brown $4.45
caddis pupa $4.45
chartreuse $4.45
cinnamon $4.45
danica $4.45
dirty dark olive $4.45
dark olive $4.45
dirty pale olive $4.45
golden olive $4.45
grey caddis $4.45
green olive $4.45
high contrast olive $4.45
ivory $4.45
litchen $4.45
mottled caddis  $4.45
mottled caddis green $4.45
mottled chironomid $4.45
mottled dark green $4.45
mottled golden olive $4.45
mottled olive $4.45
olive caddis  $4.45
orange aphid $4.45
pale brown $4.45
pale olive $4.45
primrose $4.45
rhyacophila $4.45
red $4.45
salmon $4.45
shrimp $4.45
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Semperfli designed this yarn as 'dubbing on a rope', ready-made to be tied and work onto a hook. The twin strand Dirty Bug Yarn can be used straight off the spool for larger flies or split into single strands for smaller flies. 5 meters per spool.

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