Absolute Bass Leader - 8 ft - Single

by: Scientific Anglers | Item#: LL-221031-0000
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0.028" to 0.008" 8 lb. / 3,6kg $6.95
0.029" to 0.009" 10 lb. / 4,5kg $6.95
0.028" to 0.010" 12 lb. / 5,4kg $6.95
0.030" to 0.011" 16 lb. / 7,3kg $6.95
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Absolute Bass nylon leaders have a 29% higher wet knot strength compared to our previous material and up to 40% higher wet knot strength when compared to our competitors. Our new paper-based leader packaging is now 100% recyclable. All materials, inks, and window are fully biodegradable to protect our streams and reduce our environmental footprint. The heavy, stiff butt is designed to turn over the largest, most air resistant flies. The leader's abrasion resistant material is designed to survive dense cover.

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