Tomsu's Supreme Mormon Cricket Foam Cutter

by: River Road Creations | Item#: OF-901810-0000
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River Road Creations Tomsu's Supreme Mormon Cricket Foam Cutter
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foam body size 4 $14.45
foam body size 6 $14.45
leg size 4 and 6 $14.45
pronotum size 4 and 6 $14.45
set sizes 4 and 6 $64.95
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Tomsu's Supreme Mormon Cricket part cutters can be purchased for the foam body, pronotum, legs or as a set including every type of cutter. Cutters come with cutting pads and sets include a cutting pad and wood storage caddy. These cutters are made in Montana, high quality workmanship and very sharp. This fly pattern represents the Mormon Cricket found in Colorado and Utah. While not actually a cricket it is a member of the katydid or cicada family of insects.

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