Sinking Trout VersiLeader

by: RIO | Item#: LL-211070-0000
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7 ft 4ips $13.95
7 ft 5 ips $13.95
7 ft 7.0ips $13.95
12 ft 7.0ips $15.95 $10.49
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These 7 ft. (2.1 m) and 12 ft. (3.7 m) sinking leaders have a high tenacity nylon core coated with a super low modulus tungsten polymer mixture. They feature little memory or coiling, great turnover plus shock absorption for fish fighting. These leaders have strength of 12 lb. and feature an ultra smooth welded loop making it easy to connect to the fly line.

Other Details

Sink rates: 1.5 ips (3.7 cm/s), 2.6 ips (6.6 cm/s), 3.9 ips (9.9 cm/s), 5.6 ips (14.2 cm/s), 7.0 ips (17.8 cm/s). The 1.5 ips weight leader is clear (without tungsten), and the heavier weights are dark (colored by the tungsten).

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