RIO Gold Fly Line

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RIO Products RIO Gold Fly Line
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RIO's best general purpose line features a revolutionary taper design for incredible loop stability at distance, a unique weight distribution to load a rod at close range and a positive front taper for perfect presentation of flies between sizes #22 and #2. The color change between the head and the running line makes it easy to find the perfect load point for each cast. RIO's MaxFloat Tip and MaxCast technologies, new for 2013, ensure the long, smooth casts and high floatation, even down to the tip. Welded loops on both the back and front ends make rigging easy. Weights and lengths: WF4F - WF5F, 90' (27.4 m); WF6F - WF7F, 100' (30.5 m). Color: moss green head and gold running line.

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Go for GOLD!


The scope of technology abounds and the technological brilliance is seen in this line. A beautiful smooth line to cast from beginner right through to the advanced fly caster. It loads and aerialises with ease. It is effortless in punching out long casts with plenty of finnesse to roll out a short cast to wary fish targets. It is a line that one should consider buying without a doubt. It is another RIO golden product!

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favorite trout line

Reviewer: from Mebane, NC US

This is my favorite trout line that I have used so far. It does everything a line should so you can focus on catching fish, not managing your line. Stays pretty clean, but isn't a real problem when fishing in clean trout streams. Another plus is for some reason it mends easier than other lines I have used.

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Excellent 'all-round' floating fly line

Reviewer: from Saskatchewan, Canada

I have the Rio Gold fly line in 4, 6 and 7 wts in the moss/gold colour. I use it on 3 fly rods: 7'9" TFO Finesse 4 wt (mod. action) and 9'0" TFO Professional (mod-fast action) 6 and 7 wts. The line works very well with all three rods. It loads the rods nicely and it casts well. The long head and long back taper make it especially good at roll casting. And it floats high so it's easy to lift off the water. The short, aggresive front taper is great for casting larger, wind-resistant or heavier flies, and for combinations of flies (e.g., hopper-dropper, teams of 2 or 3 nymphs). The downside of that aggressive front taper is that the presentation of very small dries might be less delicate than some anglers would like. So, if the majority of your fly fishing is presenting small dries to super-wary fish then this might not be the best line for you.

I've used the line in air temperatures ranging from 45-95°F and never found the line to be too stiff or too limp. I really like the moss/grey colour. The moss colour stands out just enough to make the line visible to the angler but because it's a near-neutral earth tone it doesn't seem to spook wary fish as much as a brighter lines might. In terms of durability, the welded loops are usually the first casuality of use and so far mine show no signs of wear. (Note: according to Rio's website you can cut off the welded loop and it will not affect the line's performance. So if your loops break, or if you just don't like welded loops, then you can cut them off with a pair of scissors.)

Rio markets this line as "the ultimate, all-round floating fly line". While "ultimate" seems to be an overly-lofty claim for any product, in my experience Rio Gold is an excellent all-round floating flyline.

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My favorite dry fly line

Reviewer: from Fort Collins, CO

I have this in W4F - WF7F and really like how it casts my dries. I will probably try Perception line in the future but really like how this casts bugs on my sticks. Been using it a while now.

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Great Line


This is my go to line when fly fishing in the back country. Great for all types of flies!

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