Premier Midge Tip Long Hover Fly Line

by: RIO | Item#: LL-210154-0000
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RIO Premier Midge Tip Long Hover Fly Line
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WF5F/S1 gray/melon/beige $89.95
WF6F/S1 gray/melon/beige $89.95
WF7F/S1 gray/melon/beige $89.95
WF8F/S1 gray/melon/beige $89.95
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Specifically designed to be one of the top fish-catching lines in the world for lake anglers, with ultra-slick performance. The perfect line for fishing unweighted nymphs and chironomids in the top foot of the water column. Welded loop on the front and back for fast rigging. Built with RIO's exceptionally slick, durable SlickCast coating.

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