Raidzap UV Resin

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Raidzap Raidzap UV Resin
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Raidzap UV resins provide a full range of fly tying solutions for building fly bodies (thick or flex thick formulas), lightly coating wing cases (thin or super thin formulas), making durable heads (medium formula) or finishing with a soft, flexible coat (flex or flex thick formulas). All types cure in seconds with any UV flashlight, with a crystal clear, tack-free finish. These resins contain bio organic materials and are not harmful to people or the environment. 0.5 oz. (15ml) child-safe bottle with a thin-tipped cap.

Other Details

Details on resin types: Flex: Extremely soft and flexible, bonds to silicone, rubber and foam. Does not crack or peel during compression. Thin: Use for a thin layer on small flies, coating wing cases or as head cement. Medium: The most popular formula for building heads or bodies. Can handle most tasks. Thick: Just right for building large pike heads and 'glass' bodies easily and quickly.

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