Ultimate Indexer Vise

Type: pedestal
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Customer Reviews

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Dan K.
This is an excellent...

This is an excellent vice. As someone else mentioned in their review, it is a pleasure to sit down and tie with this vice.

The ultimate is a...

The ultimate is a wonderful vise and you won't be disappointed with your purchase. It has definitley helped in improving my tying quite a bit. It's a pleasure to sit down and tie on this beautiful vise.

Christopher N.
I bought my Ultimate...

I bought my Ultimate Indexer a year ago,after 40 years of tying and 16 years thinking about getting a new vise to replace the AA I had since I was a kid.Other vises over those years were attractive,and expensive, but I just couldn't pull the trigger,because I wanted a really nice piece,that would last me forever.Well,I spotted the Ultimate Indexer here,and decided that few vices would ever exceed the features it offers--and I think I chose wisely-BECAUSE I tie patterns for fishing bluegills and trout,all the way to offshore flies for whites and sails. This vice not only does them all,but you also feel like some kind of billionaire magnate,or tycoon as you work the silky rotary bearing or tweak the fine settings of the tension adjuster and the indexing knob.Hooks are held precisely in position,as the super strong jaws are sculpted on the inside to actually grab the hook bend,eliminating the tendency to lever up and down with high thread tension.There are features on this vise that I have yet to use,although I love and use constantly some features I figured would just be luxurious bragging points about this fabulous tool.Now I don't know what I would do without this thing---It is for me an inspiring object of art,pulling me along to become a better tyer by virtue of its SUPREME UTILITY.( I bought the C-clamp version)