Stripped Peacock Quills

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Polish Quills Stripped Peacock Quills
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olive $5.95
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Take the pain, and inconsistency, out of stripping and dying peacock quills. These premium stripped quills come ready-to-use and dyed in a broad range of colors. This body material creates fantastic natural segmentation for flies tied on hooks sized 12 to 22. Hand stripped - no chemicals (except natural pigments) are used in making this product! The dyes are fast and won't fade. A coating of UV resin is recommended for durability and lifelike effect. Handcrafted in Poland, at least 25 quills per package.

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Stripped Quills

Reviewer: from Pennsylvania

Great product exactly as described. The colors I ordered were virtually identical to those pictured. Great segmentation with endless possibilities.

One word of warning, the quills are about 2 to 2.5" in length so you're limited to about a size 14. With no pictures to show scale I was quite surprised at the length.

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Great, Buggy Nymphs

Reviewer: from Nashville, TN

These Polish Quills are a fantastic product if you want to add a little flair to your nymph and wet fly box. I ended up wasting the first few before I got the hang of the proper tension for wrapping these up the hook shank, but after that they've been a joy to use. Multitude of colors and the natural fade of the stripped quill makes for nice, segmented abdomen look on nymphs and wet flies - and I'm sure they'd do the trick for dries as well. Be sure to use a little UV Resin to coat the quill once it's on the hook!

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great product!

Reviewer: from Twin Falls, Idaho

I purchased a few colors to try out and have to say they are awesome. Colors are as advertised and the quality is superb. They make great segmented mayfly bodies.
I will definitely be ordering more of these in the future.

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Best quality quills

Reviewer: from Longmont, CO

These quills are great. I bought them trying to save time working with biots and it paid off. You can tie them in either direction, concave or not, and still get a nice smooth segmented body. Great for dries or nymphs. Very durable and you get about 2 size 16 flies out of each quill, or about 3 size 18's. I coat with Solarez for durability and a wet look. Highly recommended.

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Sexy Bodies

Reviewer: from Fort Smith, AR

It makes for some really sexy bodies. It's a shame I only ordered one pack this time around. I love the way they look. It's the kind of material that when you first bring it into your repertoire all your old flies look like trash.

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