PEAK Bobbin Rest

by: PEAK Fishing | Item#: OF-903340-0000
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Peak's bobbin rest assembly can be added to any 3/8" diameter, standard, vise riser. It consists of a cross bar mount, stainless steel rest, mountain shaped thread rest, and adjustment bolt. Distance of the bobbin to the fly can be set with the black thumb screw.

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Bobbin hanger

Reviewer: from Modesto, CA US

This is something that you just cannot do without as a tier. Make sure and pick one up if your Peak vise didn't come with one.

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Reviewer: from CO

I put this on a Griffin vise that I got for free. It is far more than I had thought it would be from the picture. The "plastic" portion that goes over the shaft is actually a very stout delrin type material and slides easily when I want it, but stays where I leave it. The quality of this alone really wants to make me buy a Peak vise. The screw stays at the tension you set it to so you can rotate the cradle when you want. It's just fantastic!

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A word of caution

Reviewer: from Beebe, Arkansas

I just broke my attachment last night and have to buy another. The reason it broke was completely my fault and nothing to do with the quality of the cradle itself. I needed to move the position up and it had stuck, so I applied more force without thinking until the bracket broke. I've had my Peak Vise over ten years and love everything about it. Over the course of those ten years a lot of dirt built up on the shaft right where I always held it to move the cradle up and down and I just never noticed it until it was too late. That's why it stuck and that's why it broke. Moral of the story is to clean the shaft once in a while to insure smooth movement of the cradle to avoid the mistake I made.

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