Turkey Biot Quill Pieces

by: Nature's Spirit | Item#: NM-791275-0000
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Nature's Spirit Turkey Biot Quill Pieces
quantity Color your price
6 pc assort. $6.35
black $2.45
brown olive $2.45
brown $2.45
blue winged olive $2.45
callibaetis $2.45
golden stone $2.45
gray olive $2.45
light cahill $2.45
muskrat gray $2.45
olive $2.45
pale morning dun $2.45
pale olive $2.45
purple $2.45
rusty spinner $2.45
sulphur orange $2.45
tannish yellow $2.45
white $2.45
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These generously sized, carefully trimmed pieces are an excellent value. Turkey biot quills make very nice translucent bodies. They are generally longer than stripped goose biots and easier to wrap. Nature's Spirit uses the fibers from both sides of the stem, so there is a lot of material for the money. Two select pieces per package. The assortment has six pieces of various colors. (Assortment may include colors not listed above.)

Other Details

2 select pieces 7" - 8" per package. Best value of turkey biot products.

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