Duck Cul de Canard

by: Nature's Spirit | Item#: NM-791140-0000
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Nature's Spirit Duck Cul de Canard
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baetis $2.75
black $2.75
blue winged olive $2.75
callibaetis $2.75
dark gray dun $2.75
dark slate dun $2.75
gray olive $2.75
light gray dun $2.75
light slate dun $2.75
medium gray dun $2.75
medium slate dun $2.75
natural mallard $2.75
olive $2.75
pale morning dun $2.75
tannish yellow $2.75
tan $2.75
wood duck $2.75
white $2.75
yellow $2.75
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CDC feathers grow near a duck's preen gland. Naturally waterproof and buoyant, they are incredibly lifelike on the water. Approximately 75 feathers per package.


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