Signature S74DT-34011 Hook

by: Mustad | Item#: HK-047747-0000
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Mustad Signature S74DT-34011 Hook
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O'Shaughnessy bend, straight eye, 4X long shank, 2X strong wire, micro barb, corrosion resistant Duratin over stainless steel; Uses: saltwater streamers; good substitute for Tiemco's discontinued TMC911S. Equivalent to Mustad Classic 34011 hook.

Other Details

Mustad has changed Z-steel hooks to Duratin finishes. You may receive either type of hooks in this style until Z steel hooks run out.

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Great replacement for the Tiemco 911S

Reviewer: from Springfield, MO

A few weeks ago, I posted a request on several discussion boards for help finding some long shank Tiemco 911S hooks which had been discontinued.
I also asked for suggestions for an equivalent long shank saltwater hook other that the Mustad 34011.
About 35 email inquiries were also sent to fly shops with the same request. Most simply replied that the Tiemco's were discontinued with no further suggestions.
Fortunately, James of J.Stockard FF suggested the S74S 4XL 2X heavy hooks, which I immediately ordered to evaluate.
These hooks are very nice and very close in overall quality to the 911S. They are sharp right out of the box. It appears that Mustad is finally "getting it" when it comes to premium quality fly hooks.
Mustad also makes a sister hook, the S71S, that is 1XL and 2X heavy. They are available in sizes 8-4/0.
In comparison to the Mustads, including their old #34011, they are one size smaller than the Tiemco 911S, so keep that in mind if you order some to try.
Additionally, Mustad is also packaging these hooks in very nice boxes that lock side-by-side. Nice feature. And, the icing on the cake is they are a fraction of the cost of the Tiemco's.
I hope this will be helpful to some of you, and perhaps save others the hours of time it took me to find this replacement hook.

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Quality....My favorites.

Reviewer: from Houston, TX US

All Mustad Signature hooks are of the highest quality. Extremely sharp, minimal barbs, and STRENGTH. My ONLY choice for saltwater. As my flies get shredded, I'll strip them off and re-tie a new fly on a used hook. Durable... its my favorite word.

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Best for the money

Reviewer: from Omaha, NE US

I used to use Gamakatsu hooks for my saltwater applications (and pike and muskie) but started using these about 6 months ago and will never go back. These hooks are just as strong and sharp and cost less than a fourth of what the Gama's do. The plating on the hooks is excellent and they are very strong.

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Well worth the money

Reviewer: from Soldotna, Alaska US

As a professional fishing guide in Alaska I need equipment that will hold up in the heat of battle. For that reason I have turned to using Mustad Signature S74S SS Hooks on all of my custom King Salmon flies. The extra long shank on these hooks allows me to tie a fly with a large profile and that is just what an early season King is looking for. Added to its overall strength and substantial barb and you have a hook that keeps my customers smiling. And when they’re smiling I’m smiling!

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Awesome Hook

Reviewer: from Fort Myers, FL US

You will not regret buying this hook over the standard mustad 4X long shank. This is a very durable hook that will last way longer than the materials on the fly. It will not rust or bend.

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