Classic 37160 Fly Hook

by: Mustad | Item#: HK-049160-0000
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Mustad Classic 37160 Fly Hook
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Up eye, wide gap, slightly reversed, bronzed; Uses: larvae, shrimp, san juan worm.

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Great hook, but use the small sizes.

Reviewer: from Nashville, TN

This is a very good hook for caddis larvae and pupae imitations, but--if you're tying trout flies--only use this model in size 12 and smaller sizes. In larger sizes for caddis ties, the wide gap, enhanced by the offset, can kill a trout (which is why the 37160s are known by some as "brain pins").

The 37160 is also used for "tumbling" stonefly nymphs. You can probably safely use a size 10 or 8 as long as you use plenty of lead-free wire and dubbing to fashion a very thick abdomen that closes the hook gap.

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An overlooked hook...

Reviewer: from McLoud, OK US

This hook is extremely versatile, yet rarely seen on today's flies. You can tie very realistic caddis and midge pupae imitations. Instead of tying a San Juan Worm using the standard ultra chenille pattern, try wrapping this hook with thread or floss, then wrap a small ring around the body for a killer aquatic worm imitation that wriggles as it tumbles along the river bottom. The hook point is offset for easier hooksets. Very sharp and very strong. A+

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Good Hooks

Reviewer: from Palm Coast, FL US

I didn't realize that these hooks have a slight offset when I bought them. It took me a while to find a use for them, but I did. I use them for small pinfish patterns (you have to work them slow in the water or the tend to swim on their side) and small topwater (spun deerhair flies).

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Quality hooks

Reviewer: from Sofia, Iztok BG

I use these hooks for shrimps. They are sharp and strong. I recommend them. Really quality hooks.

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Nice hooks

Reviewer: from Atlanta, GA US

I mostly tie Stealth Bomber on this hook in various colors. I'm getting good results. Another great hook from Mustad.

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