Otter's Soft Milking Eggs

by: Montana Fly | Item#: SM-750185-0000
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Montana Fly Otter's Soft Milking Eggs
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apricot 4 mm $2.55
tangerine 4 mm $2.55
apricot 6 mm $2.55
ruby 6 mm $2.55
tangerine 6 mm $2.55
tangerine w/ red sparkle 6 mm $2.55
apricot 10 mm $2.55
tangerine 10 mm $2.55
apricot clusters $2.55
flamingo clusters $2.55
ruby clusters $2.55
tangerine clusters $2.55
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These are the most realistic eggs available today! They have the same consistency and texture as real eggs, and when fish bite they don't want to let go. Choose from 6 mm for trout, 10 mm for salmon and steelhead, and 3-egg clusters in 6 mm. 12 single eggs per pack or 8 3-egg clusters per pack.

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Reviewer: from sweden

Are this eggs floating? <i>J. Stockard replies: The manufacturer of Otter's Eggs says that "Our lightweight egg material allows for a much more natural and realistic drift; they do not sink quickly like a rock which is unlike real, natural eggs." So, the short answer is, no the eggs don't float. They are close to neutral buoyancy.</i>

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Most realistic egg on the market today

Reviewer: from Johnstown, PA US

I've tied and fished this egg pattern recently and found that this is the BEST new product that I have ever used. I've had GREAT success on the water using these eggs. Trout & Steelhead just can't tell the difference from real eggs.
When fish strike, they will mouth the soft egg and hang on, thinking it’s the real thing. These eggs are a MUST try for any avid trout or steelhead fisherman.

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Very Realistic!

Reviewer: from Chicago, IL

I tied up some of the 6mm patterns with the milky veil and wow! So realistic under water. Lefty Kreh says you should always carry egg patterns in your box, no matter the time of season. I threw this pattern in early June as nothing else was hitting in Michigan and I caught several rainbows. I think I will try the cluster next!

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Super realistic

Reviewer: from Minnesota

Very realistic and easy to tie with. I like the 10mm and clusters for making steelhead patterns. I like the look of these a lot better than standard yarn eggs.

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Otters soft eggs are awesome

Reviewer: from Mt Pleasant, SC US

Very realistic and catches many trout, fish think they are real when they chew and don't let go making for easy hook sets

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