Henry's Fork Hackle

by: Montana Fly | Item#: NM-790040-0000
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Montana Fly Henry's Fork Hackle


With Henry's Fork Hackle, CDC feathers spun into a core that can be wound around the hook, fly tyers can use CDC in ways never thought of before. You can substitute Henry's Fork Hackle for regular rooster hackle on almost any fly.


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Not Dry Fly Hackle

Reviewer: from Central NY

Package includes five 4" strips of hackle. I bought it out of curiosity hoping to use it for dry flies. I tied my first fly with it and dunked it in a glass of water where it almost immediately became waterlogged and sank to the bottom of the glass. No natural waterproofing left on this CDC. Looks like it would make a decent wet fly hackle, but it's useless if you want it to float.

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May have possibilities

Reviewer: from New York

Like others, I bought this product out of curiosity and have just received it (but not tried it yet), and as noted in another review, you don't get much for the price. I would note that the regular size of the Henry Fork Hackle will likely overwhelm any fly tied on a hook smaller than a size 10, so if you are thinking of trying this product on any fly smaller than size 10, I would recommend you try the Ultra-Light version of this product (and doubt even that can be effectively used on flies smaller then about 14 or 16).

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Unique Product

Reviewer: from Belgrade, MT.

Very unique product that can add life-likeness to a variety of flies. Easy to work with. Recommended.

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