Rooster Neck, Grade #1

by: Metz | Item#: NM-620005-0000
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Metz Rooster Neck, Grade #1
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black $110.50
brown $110.50
cream $110.50
dun $110.50
grizzly $110.50
light blue dun $110.50
ginger $110.50
medium dun $110.50
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Metz Necks are large with many long, narrow hackles into the 20's. Grade No. 1 Necks have a full range of hackle sizes and are one of the best capes available. Furnace may be dyed if the natural color is unavailable.

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great product

Reviewer: from Oak Harbor, WA US

Excellent neck lots of hackle wont need to buy another for a while comes in a wide range of sizes from probably 6-20 i also have half necks of grade 2 and there just as good

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Metz Feathers vs. Hamilton Feathers

Reviewer: from Payson, Arizona

I began tying my own flies at the ripe, old age of 10 when my older brother Jim found out that our neighbor had taught me how to use a fly rod while Jim was working out of state. I have been using Metz feathers ever since then due to Jim's first rule of tying flies: always use the best materials no matter what the cost difference is. Many years later I was tying flies for sale and I needed some furnace neck hackles to complete an order but I could not find a Metz neck anywhere here in Arizona and so I bought a Hamilton neck from a shop in Scottsdale instead of ordering 1 from a catalog on the shop owners word that Hamilton feathers were as good as Metz. Wow!!! My customers let me have both barrels filled with ;000' buckshot anger when their dry flies sank faster than streamers did. I've never cut corners on neck or saddle feathers again, no matter what shop owners have said about other feather growers. Period!!! By the way, at the time, I was 40 years old and should have known better , right? I;m 55 now. " Always use the best materials no matter what the cost and stick to a top quality supplier once you find them, like JS Fly Fishing". Sincerely, Raymond Keller, Kellers Kustom Flies, Payson, Az.

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Beautiful and supple

Reviewer: from Memphis, TN US

This neck came with an abundance of blue specks throughout. While the total cape wasn't as large as the Bronze Whiting's, the difference in price between them is definetly worth it. You get more useable feathers with the Metz product.

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