Micro Barb Rooster Saddle, Grade #2

by: Metz | Item#: NM-620045-0000
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Metz Micro Barb Rooster Saddle, Grade #2
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Metz Micro-Barb Grade #2 saddle patches offer extra-long narrow hackles that are excellent, as well as a great value, for tying dry flies in the 12 - 16 size range.

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Decent hackle

Reviewer: from Washington

I have yet to tie anything with this, but the feathers look great. I was using cape hackle to tie with before, but after buying this I will definitely be dumping the extra on saddle. You could probably get at least 2-3 flies out of each feather. I just wish the colors from feather to feather were more consistent.

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Highly Recomended

Reviewer: from Reynoldsville, PA US

Metz Micro Barb Saddles are the only hackles I use for tying dry flies. Color is awesome, tons of long feathers, the best quality I have seen. I got this in ginger and there is a great number of feathers in each color range (light ginger, ginger, and dark ginger). I will definitely be buying more Metz Micro Barb Saddles very soon. I highly recommend this to anyone tying dry flies. The quality is second to none and at a great price to boot.

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Great hackle

Reviewer: from Rogers, AR US

I have been using my cape for a while now and am thoroughly impressed with it. It is a very pretty thing to look at and ties wonderful flies. I would say mine had a range of size 12 to 18. I do not know why anyone would buy a cape after using these to tie dry flies. I know I won't be going back.

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Metz quality

Reviewer: from Fairview Heights, IL US

Truly an excellent saddle. For a Grade #2, there are a lot of #18 - #22 with quite a few #24 hackles and smaller. At least there were on the specific saddle I got. YMMV. Barbels are quite dense without much web on the outer hackles. Outer hackles are dry fly quality. Not terribly webby on the inner hackles. Shafts are fairly flexible, palmer nicely. Its a Metz! What else is there to say?

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Fantastic Saddle

Reviewer: from Colchester, VT US

I ordered this rooster saddle in brown and am very pleased! There are so many feathers here that it should last me quite some time. The feathers are long and very nice. I can get a few flies from each feather. I highly recommend this! Another nice product from Metz.

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