Rite Bobbin

by: Merco Products | Item#: OF-900175-0000
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Merco Products Rite Bobbin
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Like an auto mechanic's torsion wrench (before the days of air-driven wrenches), this bobbin takes the guesswork out of winding thread, and all but eliminates broken thread at the same time. Each model features a solid brass arm and a click drag adjustment to regulate the thread tension. The small diameter ceramic no-wear tube and removable vinyl grip on the standard model of this fly tying tool allows intricate work with fine thread on the smallest to large hooks. The standard model has a range of 1 to 9 oz. tension and the mag model has a range of 2 to 16 oz. The Half Hitch offers all the great features of our other Rite Bobbins, with the additional convenience of being able to whip finish flies using the specially-tapered barrel.

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Reviewer: from NC, US

The Rite Bobbin worked well the first few times I used it. I have only used this bobbin with size 14/0 thread. Eventually it stopped tightening and would no longer hold tension on the thread. The small plastic cylinder that holds the nut in place broke loose. Super glue was a temporary fix and allowed a few more uses out of it before it broke loose again. <I>J. Stockard replies: The maker of the Rite Bobbin, Merco Products, "unconditionally guarantees quality and workmanship for the entire life of the product." If you have trouble, contact either J. Stockard customer service or Merco ([email protected]).</i>

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Rite Bobbin Half-Hitch

Reviewer: from Allenwood, NJ US

I like the adjustable tension the Rite Bobbin. The one problem I have is that the half hitch function doesn't work on the larger hooks I use for Saltwater flies and teasers.

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Worth every penny!

Reviewer: from New England

I have bench full of bobbins but none works better than my recently acquired Rite Bobbin. Great tension control, smooth operation and a breeze to use. I especially like the full ceramic tube, really better than the usual inserts at each end.

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Rite Bobbins

Reviewer: from Blaine, WA US

I bought one of the Rite Bobbin holders a few yrs ago because the old style metal ones kept breaking thread and I tried one of the Rite bobbin holders very happy that I did so if you're in the market for a reasonable priced bobbin holder try one you'll be happy you did very user friendly :)

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Best Bobbin!


This is by far the only bobbin you'll want to use. The adjustable tension feature makes keeping the proper tension on your thread a breeze!

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