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black $4.55
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brown $4.55
cerise (fl.) $4.55
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grey $4.55
light copper $4.55
bug juice (olive) $4.55
orange $4.55
pink $4.55
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A bright, wavy polypropylene yarn that is great for many fly tying applications requiring a light, floating material. It is also available in more colors than regular spooled polypro yarn and is especially suited for strike indicators, parachutes and underwings for stoneflies and terrestrials.

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Great stuff

Reviewer: from Lexington, KY US

I bought this in white and it works great with parachute posts and spinner wings. Its easy to work with and you get a ton of the stuff in a package. It has just the right amount of sheen to give it almost a little bit of sparkle. For spinner wings you can bar it with a sharpie to give it a mottled effect like the naturals, much like grizzly hackle on Al Caucci's compara-spinner patterns. I will be ordering some in other colors to experiment with. Definately a must have at the tying bench, atleast in white.

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Reviewer: from Alpha, NJ US

This stuff is great for parachute posts. Its nice and fluffy and very easy to work with.

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Synthetic Comparaduns

Reviewer: from New York, NY US

I primarily use this to tie the wing on a Comparaduns. I use white, yellow and orange as a color in the center of the wing for visibility and the wing color on the outsides (blue dun and olive). The pattern is identical to a Downey Dun except I use microfibbets for tails instead of mallard flank. VERY easy to tie with this material!

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Finally gave this a try

Reviewer: from Idaho

I recently purchased this from J. Stockard to try it. I have a friend who loves it and I wanted to see how it is to tie with. It's definitely a little on the expensive side, but I was very impressed with the fibers. I have used a lot of antron/Z-lon and their equivalents but I'm impressed with the stiffness of these fibers. For rusty spinners they are perfect, as they seem hold the fly up for longer than other more supple fibers. I also like it more than poly yarn for spinners because it is a little more translucent and imitates mayfly wings much better. I also tried using it for chubby Chernobyl ants and while I loved it, that might be a little more money than I would like to spend to tie those, but for something small like a spinner or parachute post I think it is fantastic.

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Much more than just parachute material

Reviewer: from Jackson, Tn

Works as well, if not better than EP fiber for it body material in large files

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