Danvise Extension Arm

by: Danica | Item#: OF-900902-0000
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Danica Danvise Extension Arm
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This extension arm is used on the Danvise to provide more space between the jaws and the vise head, giving you more room to maneuver around the tail of the fly. It is also very helpful in tying tube flies. Cast aluminum, painted black to avoid glare.

Average Customer Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars(14 Reviews) Write a Review

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Danvise upgrade 5 out of 5 stars

Reviewer: from Fairview Heights, IL US

The Danvise is an excellent vise at a great price. The extension arm completes the Danvise. Its easily installed and gives a lot more room behind the fly. There is little if any loss of stiffness when properly installed.

There is adequate adjustment in the position of the jaws to have most hook shanks on the axis of rotation. The material arm is a little close to the fly after installation, but its still usable.

All things considered, this arm completes the Danvise.

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Danvise Extension Arm 5 out of 5 stars

Reviewer: from Nazareth, PA US

I purchased the Danvise Extension Arm to add to the functionality of the vice when tying streamers and and bass bugs. I only tie for myself and occasionally a few friends so the Danvise has been a great value in a rotary vise and I expect to get many years of use out of it. The extension adds approximately 1-1/2" of clearance to the vise and makes tying streamers and and bass bugs much easier. A great addition for the personal fly tier...

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Danvise Extension Arm 4 out of 5 stars

Reviewer: from Enkoping, Sweden

I bought the extension arm after a recommendation from a friend and must say it brought another dimension to the Danvise! It´s great with the extra space behind the flies, and overall it brings the vise that little extra...! The only negative thing is that the vise isnt as stable with the extension arm as it is without it but on the other hand that´s easy to fix with a heavier base. A great product!

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If you're getting a Danvise, get this! 5 out of 5 stars

Reviewer: from Pottstown, PA, USA

This makes a world of difference. It gives you the hand space you want, to have room behind the fly to work with. Makes a good vise, a great vise. Highest recommendations, trust me it really is worth the high price if you're going to get a danvise. My #1 setup uses this.

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Danvise Extension Arm 4 out of 5 stars

Reviewer: from Upstate, NY US

There I was cruising the J Stockard vise pages dreaming of a new vise. And dreaming I was, because there was no way I could fork over big bucks for a new vise, even with J Stockard's great prices. Besides I have a rotary vise. I have used a Danvise for years, and there really isn't anything wrong with it. The only major flaw in my opinion is that the jaws are to close to the main housing. No big deal, it just makes the tying space a bit cramped. There is no real hand room behind the jaws. I thought hey it may be time for a new vise. Then I saw there was a Danvise Extension Arm for less than $20! No special vise features sell for under $20. I said to myself I can part with $20 to make my vise more functional. After installing the extension arm, I looked at and it something didn't seem quite right. The hook tension knob is now placed on the far side of the jaws. This is a little cumbersome if you're use to having the knob on the near side. After tying with the extension arm I have to say it was $20 well spent. I now have plenty of hand room and the rotation capabilities seem unaffected. My other concern was stability. Was the vise going to loosen from the "C" clamp when I torque down on materials in the vise? Nope not at all. I do all my tying standing up, so I have the height post adjusted to its near maximum capabilities. You would think this would certainly make for an unstable set up....(maximum height and now and extension arm that sits out away from the base). Even binding down deer hair didn't affect its stability. For those of you familiar with the Danvise, there is a lot of plastic with these vises, but the extension arm is made from aluminum. The machining of this piece is fair, the black paint makes it flow with the rest of the vise. It's built to last not on looks. The benefits out weigh the negatives with this modification tool. Cheap on price not on ideas.

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